What you can expect

We are highly dedicated to training our apprentices – we currently have around 900. By investing in the skills and knowledge of future specialists, we help to create a steady stream of highly sought-after experts and foster up-and-coming talent from among our own ranks.

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Your apprenticeship at the Burkhalter Group will involve...

– Intensive guidance

Supervisors, employees and vocational trainers alike will be there to support you in your practical and theoretical training, explain the specifics of occupational safety and help you make progress. Regular semester meetings will give you the opportunity to assess and evaluate your personal achievements and provide you with an up-to-date overview of how your training is progressing.

– Additional training

We provide you with comprehensive specialist knowledge and supplement your education at vocational school through branch courses where you will learn and build on the practical foundations for your vocation. As the leading provider of electrical engineering services to the construction sector, we work with the latest technologies – and our apprentices benefit from them too.

– Focused preparation for examinations

We will prepare you well for your final apprenticeship examination and provide you with support through company-specific learning groups or organised learning initiatives. You will work through a range of theoretical topics with your apprenticeship supervisor, as well as performing practical tasks independently and receiving further guidance on these tasks if necessary.

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