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The Burkhalter Group is Switzerland’s leading one-stop provider of electrical engineering services to the construction sector. We currently have 49 group companies at more than 100 locations throughout the country, staffed by some 3200 employees including around 700 apprentices. Together we can provide you with 360° Swiss electrotechnics such as installations, switchboards, servicing and maintenance, telematics, automation and security.

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Elektriker an der Arbeit
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Elektriker bei dem Arbeit
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Jobs and careers

Become part of the Burkhalter Group

We have around 3200 employees, around 700 of whom are apprentices. Our company structure requires all our employees to have an entrepreneurial spirit, work independently and responsibly, be flexible and open, and work well in a team.
In return, we are dedicated to delivering quality in our training and development opportunities, working environment and salary and social benefits. We create environments for our employees that boost their personal satisfaction and career success, as well as fostering a climate of trust and mutual respect.

Our job vacancies

Bauleitender Elektroinstallateur Elektrohüs, ZNL der TZ Stromag, Susten
Elektroinstallateur EFZ Elektrohüs, ZNL der TZ Stromag, Susten
Responsable des apprentis / formation Sedelec SA Lausanne, Lausanne

My electrical engineering apprenticeship

Begin your professional life with us,

and learn a trade in the world of electrical engineering. There is a wide array of careers to choose from. We offer apprenticeships for electrical engineers, assembly electricians, Building automation engeneer, electrical engineering consultants, electronic technicians, electronic fitters, power line technicians, multimedia electricians and commercial clerks.
All you need are manual dexterity and a sharp mind. There’s bound to be something that will suit you!
Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you can look forward to a career with a bright future. After all, digitalisation requires electricity networks and – most importantly – specialists who can build and operate them.

About us

The Burkhalter Group

unites electrical engineering companies linked through partnerships everywhere in Switzerland. Together we provide a full range of electrical engineering services to the construction sector.