Interested in a career in building technology?

Let us teach you the trade! As the leading provider of building technology services to the construction sector, we can give you

  • all the apprenticeships the industry has to offer
  • the chance to try out your dream job for real in a trial apprenticeship
  • vocational training with a future, since we are always searching for people with manual skills as well as those who love product, system and building networking
  • a wealth of knowledge in the form of training, supplementary education and practical experience
  • experienced vocational trainers who will support you throughout your apprenticeship
  • company-specific learning workshops and preparatory courses for the final apprenticeship examination
  • a network of some 900 apprentices at more than 80 companies
  • plenty of reading material on the latest news from the Burkhalter Group and other topics relevant to young people

Are you looking for an apprenticeship? We are represented at more than 100 locations in Switzerland so you’re sure to find us near you.