Our communication on social media platforms

Welcome to the Burkhalter Group. We are active on various social media platforms. Our presence on these platforms serves to promote the exchange of information and dialogue with our stakeholders. In such dialogue, we appreciate respectful exchange and are looking forward to your opinions and comments.

By interacting with the Burkhalter Group on social media platforms, you declare your agreement with these “netiquette” rules. They supplement the terms of use that you have accepted on the respective social media platform.

Why do we need netiquette?

Not all posts and comments from visitors and employees reflect the opinion of the Burkhalter Group. Netiquette defines the rules of conduct in dealing with each other on the social web. We will delete inappropriate, offensive and unrelated comments. This also applies to advertising. We use first names as is standard practice on social media platforms. Naturally, if people want to be called by their surname with a title, we will respect this.

The following content will not be tolerated on the social media platforms of the Burkhalter Group:

  • Objectionable or obscene content and comments or contributions which are racist, discriminatory, sexist, pornographic, violent, misleading, personally offensive or illegal
  • Personal attacks that violate copyright and their personal rights
  • Spam, personal ads, advertising and other commercial content
  • Activities affecting the proper functioning of social media platforms and the uploading of documents containing harmful viruses
  • Content that violates the rights of the Burkhalter Group, anyone belonging to the Group and/or third parties
  • Personal information about you or any other person that constitutes a breach of privacy

By the way: without the written permission of the Burkhalter Group, it is not permitted to use the logo. Naturally we welcome the sharing of official content.

As at: 18 September 2020

Burkhalter Group Communication Team