Planning of sustainable energy and building technology systems

Our consultancy offices provide excellent advice and specialist planning for energy and building technology systems in the areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing and work closely with architects, private and public developers and other construction partners.

Our innovative technologies and our many years of experience enable us to develop customer-specific solutions. With a focus on renewable energies and energy efficiency, we plan systems that meet customer requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness, environmental compatibility and comfort. Our holistic concepts are based on the principle of sustainability and should also be appreciated by future generations.

The huge potential of available renewable energies can be exploited economically at both a local and regional level. Environmental heat and waste heat can, for example, be made available in 'anergy grids' for districts or regions and used for room heating and hot water supply via heat pumps. In addition to thermal networks, buildings can be connected to each other via intelligent power grids and enable an efficient, decentralised energy supply.

What we offer:

  • Energy advice and concepts
  • Planning of building technology systems
  • Planning of electrical systems and building automation
  • Advice, planning and installation of district heating networks for sites, districts and communities
  • Water supply and disposal
  • Gas supply
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