Whistleblowing contact point

Have you become aware of or suspect that laws have been broken or in-house provisions violated at the Burkhalter Group? Alternatively, would you like to make suggestions for improvement anonymously? If so, you have the possibility of reporting these cases to the Burkhalter Group.

The external contact point can be notified anonymously, with the process subject to the professional secrecy obligations of a lawyer.

In all interactions with employees, business partners, authorities and the public, the actions of the Burkhalter Group are characterised by integrity, fairness and professionalism. Employees at the Burkhalter Group are obligated to follow a corporate culture that is legally and morally unimpeachable. Employees are aware of applicable laws, regulations, internal guidelines and instructions, and must adhere to them. Nonetheless, should it occur that employees or business partners of the Burkhalter Group behave unethically or commit crimes, you have the opportunity of reporting such cases. Suggestions for improvements in our activities are also welcomed and can be made anonymously. The company is committed to protecting the reporting person, and in particular to the principle that no sanctions may be imposed on employees who submitted reports in good faith.

Inappropriate behaviour includes the following:

  • Corruption
  • Violation of data privacy or IT security guidelines
  • Embezzlement, theft, fraud
  • Sexual harassment, discrimination
  • Other violations of national and international laws and regulations
  • Conflicts of interest – employees acting in their own interest and not in the interest of the Group
  • Unethical behaviour
  • Violation of company guidelines
  • Questionable business practices
  • Suggestions for improvement in our business activities

External contact point