Submitting an application? Here’s how to get it right

You’ve found your dream job and you want to take the next step. Here you will find all the information on what you will need to do and what happens next.

Your application needs to include the following:

In the apprenticeship search area, you can click on your desired apprenticeship to find out more information and send your documents in PDF format directly to the email address shown.

What happens next

We will check your application carefully and get in touch with you. If we invite you to an interview or a trial apprenticeship, then you’ve already cleared the first hurdle. Make sure that you prepare well for your interview by finding out as much as you can about your chosen career path and the company.

Trial apprenticeships usually last one week. Think about and write down any questions that you would like to ask your supervisor on site. Make sure you arrive on time on the agreed date and show that you are motivated and ready to get stuck in.

The following qualities are important to us:

Next steps

We will use a feedback meeting to discuss whether your chosen vocation meets your requirements, whether you are suited to it and what will happen next.

The benefits

Do you need a convincing reason

to complete an apprenticeship with us? Here’s one: big companies offer big benefits.