«Stiftä Club» – the magazine for apprentices

We publish «Stiftä Club» (German and French only) twice a year to keep our employees up to date with the latest news from the Burkhalter Group. The magazine contains features on exciting projects, topics relevant to young people, unusual hobbies and much more.

Spring edition 2019

«Sedelec is training company of the year!» Training is very important at Sedelec SA. This commitment has now paid off in the form of an award.

«Michael Fritz is Swiss judo champion»: You don’t want to mess with this trained electrical engineer when he’s not on the construction site.  He recently defended his Swiss championship title in judo.

«The Burkhalter Group has a new data centre»: Diego Santurbano, IT System Engineer at Burkhalter Management AG, tells us why a functional IT infrastructure is so important nowadays.

And also: Interesting information about the final apprenticeship examination at Burkhalter Technics AG and the India project.

Autumn edition 2018

«A late bloomer»: Lukas Schwenkfelder, an electrical engineer at Elektro Bau AG in Lenzburg, is currently shaking up the Swiss wrestling scene.

«Electric racing in Zurich»: Electric race cars hurtle through Zurich city centre at up to 220 km/h. Apprentices from Burkhalter Technics AG worked the event.  

«Apprenticeship crisis. What now?» You can find tips on how to cope with difficulties during your apprenticeship here.

And here are a few more: Interesting information about cyber bullying and the right way to learn – a how-to guide.

Spring edition 2018

«Women are just as skilled as men»: Sarah Matzenauer tells us why women are just as skilled as men and why she is still excited about an apprenticeship as an electronic fitter at Burkhalter Technics AG even though she has completed her vocational training.

«Study abroad in Prague»: Michael Huber, an electrical engineering apprentice studying for a Swiss Federal VET diploma, spent time at a school in Prague thanks to an exchange programme.

«Etiquette rules for tradespeople»: Correct conduct with customers has to be learnt.

Other exciting articles: A drug-free apprenticeship and the Burkhalter Group’s new app “Ciao!”.