Telematics technician with Swiss Federal VET Diploma, 4-year apprenticeship

Are you interested in communications and information technology? Are you a technology buff who wants to help steer the world towards a digital future? If so, you’d make the ideal telematics technician. Telematics technicians create, configure and maintain networks, telematics systems and communication devices directly on the customer’s premises, explaining how to use them and what their benefits are. You have excellent social skills and are adept at communicating with your various contacts in your line of work.

You are often required to work at different locations, so willingness to accept this level of mobility is a must. You also attend vocational school weekly. In every year of your apprenticeship, you will also benefit from a branch course at the cantonal centre for vocational training in electrical engineering, where you will learn and build on the practical foundations for your vocation. Upon passing your final apprenticeship examination, you will complete your studies and gain the Swiss Federal VET Diploma.

Your strengths:

  • A passion for the world of electrical engineering
  • Completion of the compulsory years of school (upper level)
  • Enthusiasm for technical subjects such as mathematics, physics and chemistry
  • Manual dexterity
  • Excellent understanding of mathematical and technical concepts
  • Basic IT skills
  • A careful, precise and responsible working style
  • Team spirit
  • Good social and communication skills (contact with customers)
  • Good knowledge of German

Your options for further training:

  • Additional diploma in electrical engineering consultancy
  • Additional diploma in electrical engineering
  • Federal Professional Diploma Examination and Advanced Federal Professional Diploma Examination (diploma in telematics)
  • Federal Vocational Baccalaureate, professional education institution or university of applied sciences

Your career opportunities:

  • Project manager
  • Department head
  • Branch manager or managing director

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