Visuals to Download


  1. Employee event 2016
  2. Main entrance of Burkhalter Holding Ltd, Zurich
  3. Vehicles of Burkhalter Technics AG, Zurich
  4. 360° Swiss Elektrotechnics
  5. Electrical engineering services in and on buildings
  6. Services
  7. The Board of Directors of the Burkhalter Group. From left: Willy Hüppi, Gaudenz F. Domenig, Marco Syfrig, Peter Weigelt
  8. Gaudenz F. Domenig, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  9. Marco Syfrig, Delegate to the Board of Directors and CEO of the Burkhalter Group
  10. Zeno Böhm, CFO of the Burkhalter Group
  11. Telematics
  12. Installations
  13. Installations
  14. Added value for the Environment