We focus on electrical engineering for buildings

The Burkhalter Group is the leading one-stop shop for electrical engineering in and on buildings. The company can be found in 96 locations spread throughout the four language regions of Switzerland.

Our range of services commences at the site where power is required and covers InstallationsSwitchboards, Services, Telematics, Automation and Security. These electrical engineering services are provided for residential buildings, industrial and commercial buildings and infrastructure projects.

Wide-ranging services for power and cable

We implement electrical installations and systems involving high and low voltage switchgear for industrial and residential buildings.
Telephony, Internet and Information systems: We take care of high performance, reliable and upgradeable building cabling using copper and fibre optic technology, and install telephone equipment, VoIP communication, IT networks and client server systems.
The Security technology domain embraces the installation of management systems, building access controls, intruder protection, video alerting and surveillance and fire protection.
Building technology is our perception of automation: In addition to lighting, and shade-providing equipment, we install heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and energy optimisation systems. These centrally controlled systems make for intelligent building technology.
Repairs, assembly and maintenance all belong to the comprehensive service we offer you as the customer, round-the-clock.